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  • Años Luz XIII

    O.P.A.L. is proud to join the 13th edition of this event and we are celebrating it with the release of a brand new track. Check it out here.

  • 2022-2024 O.P.A.L. Releases, Habemus CD’s.

    Hi. Been a long time since I updated this. O.P.A.L. has very much taken over my musical endeavors. I have enough material for a Descojón Urbanjo release, but at the moment I think DU has served its purpose. Maybe it’s time for another DU nap. I added several new O.P.A.L. releases that should/will appear on […]

  • Farewell Twitter, and Three New O.P.AL. Releases for 2022 (so far).

    Bye Tweets! Hi Four Albums!

  • Habemus Merca

    So, now we have a proper merchandise store to sell clothing and accessories to promote this thing of ours. So, visit our merch store, also we have CDs for sale here. take a gander, and buy a thing or two. Or several. Thanks.

  • 2020 Releases

    2020 is a challenging year, but we managed to release some good tunes this year: D35C0JóN UR84N0 EP Mátame o Sálvame (with Ego Negativo) O.P.A.L. InsomniacSleepless

  • New O.P.A.L. album and D35C0J0N UR84N0 tracks. Out Now.

    Two new releases out. New O.P.A.L. album and a D35C0JóN UR84N0/O.P.A.L. split EP. Out now. Bandcamp releases are pay as you want. Also available at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other digital outlets. Download, listen, enjoy and play loud.

  • A very crappy year brings brand new music.

    I should keep this more updated. However, this crapfest that is the Year of Our Lord 2020 has kept me quite busy. This post hopes to remedy that. Well, there’s brand new releases from O.P.A.L. and D35C0JóN UR84N0 to whet your appetite. So click the links and find out what you’ve been missing. More soon. […]

  • Snow!

    First snow here in God knows when. Thought I wanted to share this with you.

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