Farewell Twitter, and Three New O.P.AL. Releases for 2022 (so far).

Well, I got rid of my Twitter account for good, so you cannot find me there nor on Facebook, so don’t even try and anyone out there who claims otherwise as of this writing is an imposter, so be careful. I can still be found on Instagram and YouTube, so I haven’t gone full hermit yet. I am posting stuff on counter.social, which is a much better alternative to Twitter, so check it out if you are so inclined.

So, I haven’t been making music for over a year I think, given the shitty state of affairs in the US and Puerto Rico taking a toll on me, another move, a brand new job, and life have kept me busy and depressed. Until one day, I decided to get off the existential funk my brain was in and churned out two brand new O.P.A.L. albums, and an EP to boot! In the interim, I also did an album on 2021 with the great Federico Balducci and we called the band BR35. I invited a good friend to join the festivities, and she accepted, but my depression kept me from creating new materials with them, so I am very sorry for that.

So, I added the three new records on the O.P.A.L. page under the Music section and I should include BR35 under the music section as well. For your convenience I am adding the players below:

I just realized I also have a shitload of code to clean up here. Well, July the 4th weekend is coming up, so hopefully will be done by then. I also have about an album’s worth of Descojon Urbano songs without lyrics. Fourteen, if memory serves. I guess I better start working on those.







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