.:i’m your man:.

As you already know, I currently work as a web developer and tech support. I’m also a musician, DJ, and writer. So if you are looking to hire me for a project or want Antartica, Descojón Urbano, O.P.A.L. to play at your gig, shindig, house party, festival, bar mitzvah, a tribal gathering, venue, or similar gatherings, drop me a line and I’ll take it from there.

I am also an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church, so I’ll be more than happy to officiate the religious ceremony of your choice for you. I have no problem marrying same-sex couples, provided the state/country they decide to marry allows them to do so. Again, drop me a line for the details and we’ll definitely work something out for you.

.:nobody does it better:.

Honestly, I’d rather leave the bragging to others, but If you need my CV or resumé detailing my work experience for a project, again, drop me a line. All you need to do is ask.

Past clients include WRTU 89.7FM, El Skate House, Vanessa Martín, Las Américas Foot Clinic, and Owner’s Realty. Like what you see? Did I ask you to drop me a line? I certainly did!