.:music non-stop:.

Music is my drug. Having said that, of course, I wanted to learn to play an instrument. Took piano lessons, but I lacked coordination. Took up the bass, same thing, but managed a bit better. So I took up programming synths, samplers and drum machines. Then when people were able to make music with computers, I learned to do that as well. What follows is a link detailing the sum of my so-called career in music. It’s not what passes for music these days, mind you. You can also check out the link to the bands under categories.

I am currently playing with a reunited Descojon Urbano (a punk rock, industrial, noisy racket), Antartica (electronic music for your hips and braincells) and an experimental outlet for my creative whims called O.P.A.L. I also did a two track project called Musica Casual. Enjoy them while they last. In 2021 I did a collaboration with the great Federico Balducci and we called the band br35.

We currently have Altanez and Macroporno on our roster as well. Great bands all. We also released records from our friends at Discos de Hoy and Noisex Records. You can check them out at Archive.org.

.:i am a dj, i am what i play:.

Not only do I enjoy playing, but I also DJ. Or at least play other people’s music at places other than my house and sometimes I even get paid for it. Started DJing house parties then college radio work and production in the US and Puerto Rico. My most memorable stint was at WRTU in San Juan, PR first at Rock Internacional and then founding and running Frecuencias Alternas. After almost two decades blasting music on Saturday nights, Frecuencias Alternas is no more. Still, a memorable experience and one I would like to revisit sometime in the future. Podcast anyone?

Currently I’m doing DJ work. Personally, I keep my sets varied playing music from the ’50’s until the present day. Usually keeping it alternative, obscure but sometimes some pop tunes that mean something to me. Life is too short to play a specific genre of music, sorry. Jesus Christ poses optional.