.:what goes on:.

  • New O.P.A.L. album and D35C0J0N UR84N0 tracks. Out Now.

    Two new releases out. New O.P.A.L. album and a D35C0JóN UR84N0/O.P.A.L. split EP. Out now. Bandcamp releases are pay as you want. Also available at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other digital outlets. Download, listen, enjoy and play loud.

  • A very crappy year brings brand new music.

    I should keep this more updated. However, this crapfest that is the Year of Our Lord 2020 has kept me quite busy. This post hopes to remedy that. Well, there’s brand new releases from O.P.A.L. and D35C0JóN UR84N0 to whet your appetite. So click the links and find out what you’ve been missing. More soon.…

  • Snow!

    First snow here in God knows when. Thought I wanted to share this with you.

  • .:Social + Media + Junkie + Blues:.

    A little over two weeks from my decision to get away. Time slows into a crawl when you are going cold turkey from any kind of addiction. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. It works most of the time, but the loneliness and isolation are real. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

  • .:renovations:.

    New website design. New cybernetic digs. Hope you like the place.

  • bye+socials!+(most+of+them)

    My name is Jose and I am a social media junkie. Twitter, Insta, FB, G+, MySpace, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, ICQ, IRC, anything remotely social from 1994 on, I was in it and how. Now I am gone. Hopefully for good this time. Today I’m keeping LinkedIn at the most. I don’t mind…

  • .: it’s+been+a+while:.

    Hi. I keep doing music, yet forget to post it here. I also think this site is also due to some renovations, and I think I need to withdraw my presence from mentally draining social platforms with no respect for their user’s privacy. Yet I need an outlet to express myself. A busy agenda awaits…

  • .:o.p.a.l. – 04/16/2019:.

    Noodling and stuck in a melancholic loop.

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