2022-2024 O.P.A.L. Releases, Habemus CD’s.

Hi. Been a long time since I updated this. O.P.A.L. has very much taken over my musical endeavors. I have enough material for a Descojón Urbanjo release, but at the moment I think DU has served its purpose. Maybe it’s time for another DU nap. I added several new O.P.A.L. releases that should/will appear on the music page. They are available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other streaming services. As of this writing, they are:


Other Voices Redux CD (Other Voices + Mother, Maiden, Crone EP)

Last Call For Lost Souls

Cold (single)

Carolina EP

Snowstorm (single)

Last Call For Lost Souls + Carolina EP + Cold (single) CD


Night On Earth EP

Gravedad Cero EP

Ad Astra EP

Flotation Device CD (the EP’s above plus 5 bonus tracks). Out April 7th, 2023.

We have 6 more EPs ready for release digitally in the coming months of 2023.


We started work on material for 2024 and as of this writing have enough material for an EP, but we are adding more. Our release plan is the same as 2023’s: 9 EPs and 3 CDs for O.P.A.L.

We also have CDs available from past Descojón Urbano and O.P.A.L. releases here.


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