• Límites EP Release

    Hi. O.P.A.L. released “Límites”, a free exclusive four-track EP for our friends at the Palabra y Sonido record label (formerly known as Yuca Tapes). Also, this release is completely free to our subscribers. Two tracks of ambient soundscapes for your internal soundtrack and two tracks of shoegaze, dream pop, and post-rock goodness. You can get…

  • Flotation Device CD Release

    Hello. This Bandcamp Friday, April 7th, 2023, O.P.A.L. releases the long-awaited “Flotation Device” CD. The CD contains tracks from “Night On Earth”, “Gravedad Cero”, and the “Ad Astra” EPs, and 5 additional tracks. It is available at descojonurbano.bandcamp.com/merch and shipped worldwide. This is the first of three CDs I will release this year. Subscribers get all our…

  • 2022-2024 O.P.A.L. Releases, Habemus CD’s.

    Hi. Been a long time since I updated this. O.P.A.L. has very much taken over my musical endeavors. I have enough material for a Descojón Urbanjo release, but at the moment I think DU has served its purpose. Maybe it’s time for another DU nap. I added several new O.P.A.L. releases that should/will appear on…

  • “Sopor” and “La Dolce Vita” Ep’s Out Now!

    Good news everyone! New Descojón Urbano and O.P.A.L. releases are out for your downloading needs. Descojón Urbano released La Dolce Vita EP and O.P.A.L. released the Sopor EP. They’re free to download at Bandcamp, Last.fm and Archive.org. Thanks to the kind folks at Puerto Rico Indie and Crudo for the coverage.

  • O.P.A.L. at Frecuencias Alternas Feb 26 2011

    The lads at Frecuencias Alternas radio show on Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico 89.7FM played a couple of tracks of O.P.A.L.’s All Good People Are Asleep And Dreaming EP and also gave links to the interview Puerto Rico Indie did. Thank you both for your support!

  • Puerto Rico Indie interviews O.P.A.L.

    The kind folks at Puerto Rico Indie interviewed O.P.A.L. regarding the “All Good People Are Asleep And Dreaming” release. Check it out here.

  • O.P.A.L. – Music for Synth Strings and Organ Num 1 [RYN022]

    A 40 minute piece using an organ and some synth string sounds.  Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Puerto Rico. Download.

  • O.P.A.L. – Nocturno 2 [RYN021]

    Another generative music piece. This time with strings, piano and kalimba. Hope you like it..  Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Puerto Rico. Download.