Two bands join the family, 2 brand new releases and a gig.

Things are busy at headquarters. New bands join our roster, we’ve got two new releases and an upcoming O.P.A.L. gig.

We have 2 new bands join our roster, namely Altanez and Macroporno.

Altanez - La Ley de La Calle cover

Altanez is a band that hails from Aguadilla that mixes punk rock, garage, ska, funk and other genres with songs about a whole range of topics. Think of them of our crazy cousins from Puerto Rico’s west side. We are proud to release their “La Ley de la Calle” album for your listening pleasure. Check out their page under our music section.

Maccroporno - The Survivors Tracks cover

Macroporno was one of our favorite local bands when they were around. From 1997 until 2002, Bernice Cruz, Raymond Gadget and Jamar Jackson made some really interesting electronica and idm.  They even attracted the attention of Argentinian rock legend Gustavo Cerati, even opening one of his shows in Puerto Rico. They also attracted the attention of the Beta Bodega label, Warp Records and Argentinian DJ Capri. We are proud to showcase their music through a compilation titled “The Survivors Tracks” on the music section as well. Check it out!

We also have two brand new releases from Descojón Urbano and O.P.A.L.

O.P.A.L. Pastoral Manscapes EP cover

O.P.A.L.‘s released their Pastoral Manscapes EP a little while ago.  Four short tracks originally commissioned for puertorican film-maker Guillermo Álvarez now released for your aural pleasure here.

Descojón Urbano - Bootleg 2 cover

Descojón Urbano just released a brand new album titled  Bootleg 2: Live at Hotel La Cima Mar 03 2012. Ten live tracks recorded at a gig at La Cima Hotel in Aguadilla on March the 3rd, 2012.  The download also include two bonus tracks recorded at the Frecuencias Alternas radio show on February 25th 2012. The album was basically crowdsourced by the band, the guys at Frecuencias Alternas and the band’s fans who provided some photographs of the event. Get it here.

Flyer El Retiro 2 O.P.A.L. en directo

On April 15th, O.P.A.L. will join Magenta, Gelcaps and Mr. Pincho’s Turba Sound System at Blue Moon in San Sebastián for an evening of experimental and alternative music on Sunday April the 15th. Free entrance and Monday’s a holiday so feel free to join us in the festivities.



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