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Hi. It’s been awhile….

So, it’s been awhile since I updated this site. Things have occurred in my little world. I moved stateside and found a job I enjoy. I manage to travel every now and then to PR to play with my band and hang out with my friends. And lo and behold, I actually took time to update this. So hopefully things will be updated more frequently and you’ll get a glimpse of the inner workings of my little empire of dirt.


Music page updated, new tracks uploaded and ready for download. New EP’s soon.

Hi. Uploaded a new Descojón Urbano track, as well as a recent O.P.A.L. track to the music section of the site. Also updated the existing music links for the Música Casual and the Antartica sections as well. I’m tempted to keep working on these sections so they can show the Rojo y Negro discography. Also gonna work on updating the Bandcamp, and listings so they’re all properly synced and you have choices to get your musical jollies.

Two brand new EP’s are in the pipeline and hopefully will be ready before 2011 leaves its sorry ass. O.P.A.L.’s “Sopor” EP and Descojón Urbano’s “La Dolce Vita”EP. O.P.A.L.’s are brand new tracks and expands on the “All Good People Are Asleep And Dreaming” EP an Descojón Urbano’s will hopefully feature a mix of both brand new material and re-worked and re-recorded tunes. The new material will deal with those lovely characters who’ve been having fun with the global economy for the last 20 years. You are warned. You can get an idea of the shape of things to come checking out their respective pages on the music section.

So thanks for stopping by and hopefully reading this and downloading the stuff. It’s free for the taking, so might as well do it. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Songs For The End Of The World, Vol. 2: Zombie Apocalypse Edition

To celebrate Zombie Apocalypse Day, the kind folks at Puerto Rico Indie asked me to give my humble opinion of some songs that could provide the soundtrack for a zombie apocalypse and include my choices at well. I was more than happy to oblige and you can read the results here. Check it out and forward to any interested parties. Thanks!


Plans for 2011

People talk about the best laid plans. Well, here are mine….



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