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Want to get in touch? Sure! Why not! Fill out the contact form below. If it’s spam, my trusty spam filter will take care of it. If it’s crapware or virus, my antivirus filter will take care of it. If it’s legit, I’ll read it and take it from there. Deal?

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and the rest are wonderful tools if properly used and by all means, use them. Unfortunately they can be used against you as well, therefore I keep mine private. But if you really want to find out, check out the appropriate links under blogroll at your right. Enjoy!

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So you want to know what’s going on the wonderful world of Rojo y Negro Records and have a busy schedule? I understand. You can subscribe to our mailing list and receive updates, news, special offers, and other goodies. I promise that your address stays confidential, that I won’t spam your inbox or sell your address to a third-party. Best of all, if you don’t like it, you can easily unsubscribe. I’d like you to be along for the ride though.


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